Ⅳ. NTON Policy

1. A total of 3.5 billion NTONs will be issued, of which 2.1 billion (60%) will be mined by Nextgear™ users, and the remaining 1.4 billion will be allocated to R&D, Foundations (Social Contribution Fund), Business Partners, and Company Ownership.

Symbol : NTON

Total issuance : 3.5 billion

Coin allocation

  • • Nextgear™ user mining: 2.1 billion (60%)
  • • R&D: 3 billion (8.57%)
  • • Foundations (Social Contribution Fund): 50 mlillion (1.43%)
  • • Business Partners: 3.5 billion (10%)
  • • Company Ownership (Incineration included): 7 billion (20%)

2. NTON mining is classified into three types (①POW(Proof Of Work, ②POS(Proof Of Stake), ③POP(Power Of Participation))), and the limit of the amount that can be mined for each type is as follows.

Category POW POS (Staking) POP Total
Mining Quantity 50% 30% 20% 100%
1.5 billion 630 million 420 million 2.1 billion
Mining Environment (Device Model) Nextgear™ N1~N2 Nextgear™ N1~N2 Nextgear™ N3    

3. POW mining is performed using the following algorithm.

  • Block generation is 1 block per minute, and there are 300 NTONs mined per block. Therefore, 300 per minute → 18,000 per hour → 432,000 per day → 12,960,000 monthly NTONs are mined. However, block generation is reduced by 10% in 300-day increments.
  • The NTON mining machine does not exist separately, and the Nextgear™ device itself becomes the mining machine. Therefore, Nextgear™ users can mine NTON with the asset's Nextgear™ device.
  • The NTON mining algorithm is built into the Nextgear™ device. Therefore, Nextgear™ users need to activate the mining algorithm by clicking the 'Start Mining' button every day. Then, NTON mining will then proceed automatically. If the 'Start Mining' button is not clicked, users will not be able to acquire NTONs, and the corresponding amount will be distributed to other Nextgear™ users.
  • The default mining capacity (T-Hash) available to Nextgear™ users is 0.1T. T-Hash is like the fuel that produces value, and Nextgear™ users can secure T-Hash in 3 ways (① coupon purchases, ② NTON purchases, Nextgear™ user recommendations) and increase their mining capacity (hash power).
Category Maximum possible hash value • Maximum value of T-Hash that can be secured per one Nextgear™: 100T
• Default value of T-Hash per one Nextgear™: 0.1T (Period: 700Days)
• Start of mining per day: UTC 00:00:00
① Coupon Purchase 5T • When purchasing a coupon, the default T-Hash (0.1T) value increases to 5T
• ETH Gas-fee (equivalent to KRW 2,000) to coupon (5T) buyers (limited to one time)
• Coupons can be registered and used in the Next Play app
• Mining period is 300 days from the date of coupon application
② NTON Purchase 90T • 1T payment per 1,000 NTON purchase (※ NTON price per 1T varies according to market price)
• Mining period is 30 days from the date of T addition
③ Nextgear™ User Recommendation 5T • 0.1T is paid per recommendation, and a maximum of 5T is provided
• Mining period is 300 days from the date of T addition
(※ If an N1 phone is not used, it is limited to 30 days)

 ※ Policy details are subject to change through prior notice

• As a result, the POW hash power of Nextgear™ users is classified into 5 grades based on the amount of T-Hash. The approximate grade standard and mining speed are as follows, and the mining quantity is proportional to the mining speed.

Category Basic (coupon)
Apprentice Expert Mania Master
Speed Slow Average Fast Very Fast High Speed Super High Speed
Coupon Purchase T-Hash held 0.1~5 5~15 15~55 55~75 75~95 95~100

4. POS mining is performed using the following algorithm.

  • POS (Proof Of Stake) mining is a method in which a certain percentage (contribution) of NTON is mined like bank interest as compensation when assigning (staking) the quantity of NTON held by Nextgear™ users in a quantity that cannot be distributed (sold) for a certain period of time
  • The amount that can be staked is from more than 100,000 NTON, POS mining starts from the time the deposit is completed in the staking wallet, and staking is based on UTC 00:00:00.
  • POS mining is paid only when the staking period of 24 hours is met. POS termination takes effect at the same time as the termination application.
  • As a result, the ability of Nextgear™ users to classify POS is classified into 5 grades according to the amount of staking. Staking quantity standards for each grade and their contribution (compensation rate) are as follows.
Level Level Name Staking Quantity Contribution (year)
LV1 Holder 100,000~300,000 15%
LV2 Master Holder 300,001~500,000 18%
LV3 Super Holder 500,001~700,000 21%
LV4 Hyper Holder 700,001~3,000,000 24%
LV5 Ultra-Hyper Holder 3,000,001~3,300,000 30%

5. A mining method using a POP is planned to be applied in the Nextgear™ terminal N3 model, so the mining policy will be announced later.