Ⅲ. Nextgear™ Blockchain Network

1. Node Configuration

Nextgear™ serves as a platform for IoT, and all data is stored in blockchain nodes. Since the existing IoT is centralized, all information about users is stored on the central server of the company that provides IoT services. As a result, personal information faces a serious risk of being hacked and exposed to the outside.

NTON consists of a device connected by Nextgear™ and Internet of Things (IOT) as a node, a 5G router connected to the device as a 'Master Node', and a server connected to the router as a 'Super Node' (3 Step) to store all information about the user on the blockchain. Therefore, NTON is designed to protect users' information from hacking by forming distributed nodes in a multi-layered structure, and to handle high simultaneous access.

2. Nextplay®

Nextplay®, as the node ledger for Nextgear™ users, is provided as a means for NTON to be used by Nextgear™ users easily and conveniently. Nextplay® provides a function to easily use various services such as NTON Mining & Staking and DApp Store by utilizing differentiated blockchain technology based on Multi Coin Wallet.

In addition, a portable 4G-wifi router (combined with an auxiliary battery), which will be developed in the future, will be connected to Nextplay® to provide Nextgear™ users with the function to easily access the Internet from abroad. We are developing a mainnet that adds blockchain technology to the Internet of Things (loT), and we plan to focus on creating new economic added value through this.

The DApp browser provided by Nextplay® is a full-featured Web3.0 browser that can be used to interact with any distributed application (DApp). It is designed to connect easily and safely to the ethereum network and all Dapps, and is optimized for mobile.

3. Blockchain Wallet

The Nextgear™ user's blockchain wallet is managed as a complete security device. Nextplay® is a tool for Nextgear™ users to easily view the blockchain ledger and easily deposit/withdraw assets with a private key. In other words, the assets of Nextgear™ users are not stored at the company like banks, but in wallets on the blockchain network, so Nextplay® helps Nextgear™ users to easily manage their own wallets. However, so that no one can access the wallet, a complete security system is needed. Therefore, Nextplay® is designed to set a private key.

A blockchain wallet is the space where Nextgear™ users' cryptocurrency assets are stored. Every wallet has a unique address, and a private key such as a password that matches 1:1 with this address. The private key needs to be used to access the wallet. Therefore, the private key must be stored well.

Unlike the password, the private key cannot be changed and recovered. A lost private key cannot be found. There is only one private key in one wallet. The information about the private key and cryptocurrency in the wallet is encrypted and stored in a blockchain network that is spread around the world.

The mnemonic is 12 words to recover the wallet.
The private key is composed of words that are too complex, so it is a format that can be easily entered. Like the private key, if the mnemonic is leaked, all cryptocurrency in the wallet can be lost. Storing it in a place like a notepad on the computer is dangerous because it can be exposed to malicious code. It is safest to physically store the private key and mnemonic in a safe.