Ⅴ. Nextgear™ Ecosystem

Our first goal is to deploy 1 million Nextgear™ worldwide. Our second goal is 10 million units and third goal is 100 million units. In the process, we plan to create a Welfare Fund of KRW 10,000 per one Nextgear™.

※ Welfare Fund Development Plan for Nextgear™ Users
First goal: 1 million units → Welfare Fund: :KRW 10 billion = 1,000,000 units x KRW 10,000
Second goal: 10 million units → Welfare Fund: KRW 100 billion = 10,000,000 units x KRW 10,000
3rd goal: 100 million → Welfare Fund: KRW 1 trillion = 100,000,000 units x KRW 10,000

The Welfare Fund will be used to finance the purchase of NTON mined by Nextgear™ users in the market (cryptocurrency exchange). We plan to use a portion of it to increase the scale of the fund by investing in several blue chip cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. The number of Nextgear™ users and the number of Nextgear™ mobile phone devices is not directly proportional. The replacement cycle of mobile phone devices in Korea is about two years on average. The main reasons for the replacement of mobile phone devices is model change, loss, and damage. The company plans to release the Nextgear™ device model from N1 to N2-N3 sequentially. Mining of Nextgear™ users' NTON decreases in proportion to the number of users, but does not decrease in proportion to the number of devices supplied. Conversely, if the number of devices supplied increases, the Welfare Fund increases proportionally. By investing a portion of the Welfare Fund into cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin to multiply assets, the company can secure abundant liquidity. From an economic point of view, liquidity goes through a credit creation process in the market (cryptocurrency exchange) and usually operates at more than 10 times. In other words, the KRW 10 billion Welfare Fund creates liquidity of KRW 100 billion in the market (cryptocurrency exchange). Therefore, the value of NTON will increase in proportion to the number of devices supplied. We plan to continuously link with various market places through B2B and O2O through Nextplay® so that NTON can be used as a payment method in real life.