Ⅱ. Nextgear (smartphone)

1. Nextgear™ Hardware

Nextgear™ (smartphone) is manufactured by Shenzhen Gotron Electronic Co., Ltd. as an OEM, and is certified by MET Labs (model name: GQ3083, model name: Armor7) and distributed with the GSMA allocated TAC.

※ MET Labs certification and GSMA allocated TAC documentation

(2) The detailed H/W configuration of Nextgear™ is as follows.

① Nextqear™ is equipped with the world's best high-performance camera.

② Nextgear™ is IP68/IP69K certified.

No. Degree of protection against dust Degree of protection against liquids
0 None None
1 Protection against hand access Protection against water droplets falling vertically
2 Protection against finger access Protection against water droplets falling in the vertical to 15° range
3 Protection against the tips of tools Protection against water droplets falling in the vertical to 60° range
4 Protection against wires, etc. Protection against water spraying in all directions
5 Protection against dust Protection against water pouring in all directions
6 Complete dustproof structure Protection against strong pouring water such as waves
7 - Can be submerged in water under certain conditions
8 - Can be used in water

 ※ IP (lnternational Protection) Rating: 6 (dust protection rating), 8 (liquid protection rating), 9K waterproof even in steam-jet cleaning

③ Nextgear™ is designed to not get damaged when dropped from a height of 1.2m.

④ Nextgear™ is MIL-STD-810G (U.S. Army standard) certified.

Test items

  • • Altitude (20,000 feet)
  • • High temperature (80℃ above zero)
  • • Low temperature (80℃ below zero)
  • • Rainstorm
  • • Humidity
  • • Protection against dust
  • • Vibration
  • • Shock (26 free falls from a height of 1.2m)

⑤ Nextgear™ provides a 6.3 inch screen with tempered glass.

2. Nextgear™ Software

(1) Nextgear™ applies to the Android 10.0 0S.

(2) Nextgear™ provides solutions with various functions required for outdoor activities.

(3) Nextgear™ provides a heart rate monitoring function so you can monitor your health.

(4) Nextgear™ offers many other functions.

  • ① Superb Sound

  • ② Global GPS

  • ③ 2-Channel Reception

  • ④ Glove Touch

  • ⑤ Shortest Charging Time

  • ⑥ Easy Key Function

  • ⑦ Google Pay

  • ⑧ Facial Recognition, Fingerprint Recognition

  • ⑨ Wireless Charging


  • Is optimized for extreme outdoor use such as hiking, fishing, exercising and swimming.
  • Provides the best resistance to water, dust and drops with its IP68 rating.
  • Worked normally after putting it in 1.5 liters of water for 30 minutes and testing it.
  • Worked normally after putting it in 1 meter of concrete for 24 hours and testing it.
  • Was also safe in tests where it was dropped dozens of times at 1.2 meters in height.
  • Has passed the cleaning tests defined in EN 60529 and DIN 40050-9 with its IP69K protection rating.
  • Was safe even at a high pressure of 100 bar (1450 psi) and a high temperature of 80℃, and prevented water from entering from all angles.
  • Passed U.S. Army MIL-STD-810G testing.
  • Provides various tools and sensors for outdoor activities.
  • Has a built-in sensor that can check your heart rate.
  • Has a built-in pedometer that makes it easy to track calorie consumption.